What do you see

What do you see?

I saw this on FB not long ago noting how far we’ve come with technology in the past 100 years. The person that posted it was 20-ish. . . . the post got quite a few comments about tech stuff and how much better off we were then those pictured in the bottom portion of the photo. . . When I saw it, my visual response was more of a slow back and forth head shake. . . and technology was the last thing I saw.

What I saw was that the people reading newspapers were enlightening themselves as a normal everyday thing. Who won the ball game last night. . . what was going on in Europe. . . who was running for mayor or city clerk and what was going on in the town they lived in. . . it actually gave me the mixed feeling of jealousy and sadness for the young people in the top picture. . .

I’m assuming a bit here but guessing they were all playing video games. . . checking their FB or Twitter accounts, WhatsApp or messenger. . . . I don’t remember who but someone smarter than I stated we are the most technically advanced people ever to walk this earth and at the same time the most uninformed people of the past hundred years.

I get it.

PS: If we don’t read the news were uninformed. . . if we read the news we’re miss informed.

“Denzel Washington”

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