Casting Couch Culture

Really. . . I try to keep silent on most current events. . . it’s just not worth the rash of shit I get in return. . . This is not a left or right issue, it’s a “how people really are” thing. . . firstly, Harvey Weinstein is a DOG. . . rape is a horrible crime that should be dealt with in the most serious manner. . . Those women are victims and should have our full support. . . but the rest of these so-called victims is a joke. . . The casting couch culture has been part of the motion picture industry from the beginning. . . yet everyone in Hollywood is out ragged because a reporter finally put it in print. . . these women who kept quiet for so many years should be ashamed of themselves. . yet Hollywood call’s them courageous victims. . . come on. . . everyone knew it was happening industry wide. . . Hollywood’s dirty little secret exposed. . . this is all so fake it not only makes me sick but just shows how Hollywood feels about our intelligence level. . . they think were dumb enough to believe them. . . and yeah… they, including the victims laugh all the way to the bank. . .

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