No hate in our state

Don’t know how many of you have been to or even heard of Murfreesboro TN… These days I proudly call it home… It’s a super place that’s very friendly and family oriented… Great people… Sadly a bunch of white nationalist assholes from other states have chosen this Jewel of the South for a rally this Saturday in an attempt to spread their hateful message… happily the good people of Murfreesboro want no part of their trash talk… So if it makes the nightly news please know these white nationalist idiots are from other places… No hate in our state.

Casting Couch Culture

Really. . . I try to keep silent on most current events. . . it’s just not worth the rash of shit I get in return. . . This is not a left or right issue, it’s a “how people really are” thing. . . firstly, Harvey Weinstein is a DOG. . . rape is a horrible crime that should be dealt with in the most serious manner. . . Those women are victims and should have our full support. . . but the rest of these so-called victims is a joke. . . The casting couch culture has been part of the motion picture industry from the beginning. . . yet everyone in Hollywood is out ragged because a reporter finally put it in print. . . these women who kept quiet for so many years should be ashamed of themselves. . yet Hollywood call’s them courageous victims. . . come on. . . everyone knew it was happening industry wide. . . Hollywood’s dirty little secret exposed. . . this is all so fake it not only makes me sick but just shows how Hollywood feels about our intelligence level. . . they think were dumb enough to believe them. . . and yeah… they, including the victims laugh all the way to the bank. . .

Chinese National Holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival

Originally posted by Mark Clulow on FB.
Chinese National Holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival fall in the same week this year, resulting in “Golden Week”. Everyone THINKS that 8 days off are best-spent at home with their loved ones, but what they actually do is sit in traffic jams and queue up for rather dull attractions. It seems like such an inefficient use of resources to me, but it’s important that we listen to the big boys at the top. Anyway, if everyone could get back to making those second babies please – we clearly need more people on this planet.

What do you see

What do you see?

I saw this on FB not long ago noting how far we’ve come with technology in the past 100 years. The person that posted it was 20-ish. . . . the post got quite a few comments about tech stuff and how much better off we were then those pictured in the bottom portion of the photo. . . When I saw it, my visual response was more of a slow back and forth head shake. . . and technology was the last thing I saw.

What I saw was that the people reading newspapers were enlightening themselves as a normal everyday thing. Who won the ball game last night. . . what was going on in Europe. . . who was running for mayor or city clerk and what was going on in the town they lived in. . . it actually gave me the mixed feeling of jealousy and sadness for the young people in the top picture. . .

I’m assuming a bit here but guessing they were all playing video games. . . checking their FB or Twitter accounts, WhatsApp or messenger. . . . I don’t remember who but someone smarter than I stated we are the most technically advanced people ever to walk this earth and at the same time the most uninformed people of the past hundred years.

I get it.

PS: If we don’t read the news were uninformed. . . if we read the news we’re miss informed.

“Denzel Washington”